" I owe my physical health and emotional well being to the expertise of Hadley Training Systems. Her seasoned training and unwavering kindness have built my physical strength, balance, stamina and confidence without injury. I am proud to call her my trainer."

Susan Berkman,
Retired Adverting Executive

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With over a decade of experience training men and woman of all fitness levels, Hadley Training Systems can change the way you feel. Whether you are looking to manage weight, increase your energy level, improve your workout, or achieve a new fitness goal, Hadley Training Systems is committed to making it happen. After all, you deserve to feel good.


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Defying Age with Exercise

by hadleyblogger 5. March 2010 18:37

Welcome to my blog. You'll find a variety of great information on fitness and healthy living.

Here's one that focuses on slowing down the effects of aging through exercise.

"Age is an Agreement" a coach once said to me. Hundreds of studies show that certain types of exercises will slow down the effects of aging. I have clients who have less body fat, more balance, more strength and consistent energy at 65 versus when they were younger.

As we get older, we lose muscle mass. Luckily, there are exercises we can do to help slow down the process. Here are two easy ones to consider:

  1. Resistance training helps slow down the loss of muscle mass which prevent injury and enhances physical rehabilitation. Besides that, resistance training stimulates the release of growth hormones. These hormones are responsible for mobilizing fat which helps change body composition. This mean that resistance training helps you gain muscle where you have fat in places like your stomach, hips, butt or even the back of your arms.
  2. Functional fitness training uses the concept of exercising multiple muscle groups at the same time versus isolating and working on a single muscle. This type of exercise has shown good results in increasing strength, endurance, agility and balance as indicated from a study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). For a complete copy of the study, check out acefitness.org.
Hope you try some of these exercises. My clients have had amazing results using both types!


Hadley Training Systems. 
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Hadley Allen is a diehard fitness and wellness professional certified from the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She is an accomplished marathon runner, triathlete and trainer who helps both athletes and people looking to improve their fitness through effective exercise and proper nutrition. To learn more about feeling good, visit hadleyallen.com.



Training Blog

by HadleyAllen 3. March 2010 17:49

Welcome to my blog, where you will find great information about fitness and healthy living.


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