Onsite & Remote Training

Onsite Personal Training

hadley_allen_fitness_trainer_salt_lake_city_ut_2Hadley Allen Fitness specializes in empowering individuals to regain and maintain their athleticism, agility and strength at any stage of life. Sessions are most valuable to those looking to improve body tone, increase agility and flexibility, reduce stress, lose weight, increase energy levels, improve athletic performance or simply feel good.

Specialities include:

  • Weight loss and management achieving a lean, attractive, sculpted look
  • Effective and efficient workouts burning 3X the calories in less time
  • Injury recovery and prevention for abdominals, back and core
  • Triathlon coaching for cycling, running and swimming
  • Intensive strength training for all muscle groups
  • Nutritional guidance with mind and body awareness

For athletes or triathletes, additional services include:

  • In-depth discussion of a 2010 training plan and racing goals
  • Nutrition and how it relates to your training
  • Swimming, cycling and running analysis
  • Performance and metabolic testing
  • Strength training routine

All new clients start with a consultation to understand his/her personal goals. A fitness level assessment is also conducted to establish a benchmark for progress. From there, sessions are customized to your specific needs. Training sessions are offered at a fitness facility, an outdoor venue or in your own home.

Remote Online Coaching

Online coaching is much like onsite personal training only from afar. Consultation and training is provided for weight loss and management, strength training, stress management, injury recovery and prevention, athletic performance or simply to help you understand why your work out isn’t giving you your desired results.

In either case, an initial consultation is conducted via phone to better understand needs and goals. To establish a fitness level benchmark, an baseline test is provided. Upon completion of that test, a weekly customized workout program is emailed to you. To encourage commitment and results, progress reports are also provided. This enable Hadley Training Systems the ability to adjust and better advise on your fitness goals.

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